How to Build a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Greetings if you have decided to incorporate e-mail marketing as part of your marketing campaign. While the decision to step into this new arena is easy, getting results requires a lot of hard work.

In order to set up a fruitful email marketing campaign that garners a wide customer base, you must focus on providing value to the recipient. If you fail to offer value and only try to sell, recipients will tend to lose interest and unsubscribe.   

Select the Type of E-mail

One of the very first steps is to identify the objective of the campaign and recognize to the target audience is. Keeping these 2 factors in mind, find out kind of e-mails your company should send out. The content must be both useful and engaging.

Begin this by looking at your personal experiences. Go through e-mails that were sent to you from other companies and read through them from the perspective of a customer. Recognize how some of them are nothing but sales pitches. This is something you want to avoid.

On the other hand, there are some savvy companies which send e-mails that readers find interesting and informative. That is your aim! You want to convey the message, without overwhelming or irritating the reader. Note that, sometimes, incentives such as coupons can excite the customers.

Focus on Quality and Frequency

You must understand no one has the time to read long emails anymore. Keep is short and simple. However, do not send multiple short e-mails. Receivers often get annoyed if companies send to many emails within a short span of time.  The frequency depends on typeof business, but it is ideal to send maximum 2 or 3 in the first week, and then gradually decreasing the number.

What You Need to Know About Auto-pilot Programs

Even if you use the auto-pilot option for your program, you cannot ignore the importance of monitoring and evaluating the program. You must analyze the statistics and go through customer feedbacks.

Analyze Results and Take Actions

Assess the situation and act accordingly. For example, if you think the number of people who have recently unsubscribed is too high, you can do the following to improve the experience for user:

  1. Boost valueScreen Shot 2016-11-05 at 11.29.19
  2. Reduce the frequency
  3. Shorten the e-mails
  4. Limit the amount of selling per e-mail

If you find that number of unsubscriber is low, you can increase the frequency subtly. Some spontaneous mails can be queued in addition to the scheduled e-mails.

Provide Incentives and Watch Your Database Grow

If you provide the right incentives, nothing can stop your e-mail database from growing. All subscribers are important as those who do not buy now, may be potential customers. Give customers a very strong incentive to sign up for the e-mail subscription. This could be a coupon, a discount code, or a gift.

If you can build a successful email marketing campaign, it will not only add profits but also provide brand recognition and recall to your company.

It gets better…
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