17 Marketing tips you should know.

1 .Product market fit.

It’s much easier to create a product for an existing market, than create a product and find a market.

2. Link your product to a primal desire.

Don’t try and create a desire for your product. Find an existing desire.

3. Get specific.

You gonna go with the guy who does a bit of everything or the guy that specialises in solving your problem? So specialise (within reason)

4. One call to action.

Asking people to do one thing always out performs multiple options.

5. Focus on the benefits.

What does your product solve? Start with that. More money? more time? Less stress? Better sound quality? Longer lasting caffeine buzz? What?

6. Your customer knows nothing.

When creating your content, use your caveman voice. Ask yourself, can anyone understand this? Be basic, clear and concise.

7. It’s never about you.

Know-one cares about you, your product etc etc.
Who really reads the about page?

8. Tell your story.

Good* stories are remembered and told again and again. Make one up if you have to.

9. It’s not for everyone.

Defining who your product isn’t for is equally as powerful as defining who it is for…

10. Use social proof.

10,000 people cant be wrong, right? People generally look to other people similar to themselves when making decisions.

11. Use Testimonials.

Everyone knows you think you’re great. It’s better to show who else thinks you’re great.

12. Help as much as you can for free.

Give as much information away for free as you can. Answer every question before they arise. Reciprocation is powerful. People feel obliged to return favours offered to them.

13. Data will get you part of the way.

Think freely, teardown and rebuild.

14. People like people like themselves.

People like people like themselves, & who they want to be.
It’s that simple. Google “Mirroring in Body Language”

15. Feelings win.

People don’t remember what they read, they remember how they feel.

16. Adverts work.

Everyone thinks “Adverts don’t work on me”.

17. Keep it simple.

The best landing pages, adverts, and and ideas are the simple ones. Cut the fat, remove anything that isn’t necessary.