Smart Marketing Methods That Are Good For What Ales Your Brewery


It’s no secret — and won’t come as a surprise to anyone — that  just as it has revolutionised every other aspect of modern life, the internet has revolutionised the way businesses make themselves heard and get themselves noticed.

The big dinosaurs of the brewery business still throw bloated budgets at billboards, the printed press and televised advertising — largely because they can, it’s worked for them before, and old habits die hard.

Smaller savvier businesses however are now taking full advantage of the ability to inexpensively, tactfully and tastefully communicate directly with people that are going to buy their product.

There are three main platforms where brands do this:

• On social media

• Within websites

• Within search engine results

…And one overarching aim they all have when using them:

We want our proof-of-product, our distinct brand identity and our individual voice seen and heard by the right people

This is all well known and has been talked about to death, but what’s not so well understood is how businesses get themselves precisely in front of buyers.

Funnel Diagram

Over time and trial-and-error, a pattern has emerged that marketers keep in mind when planning a campaign. The idea of it is that you hit a wide but relevant audience in an Awareness stage, and aim to retain as many as possible through to a sale at the Conversion / Purchase stage.

The middle stage — Consideration — is the most important part. How do you reach people who showed interests at the broad first stage and as a result are more likely to purchase?

There are many approaches to this — particularly through Facebook’s advertising platform which is hands down the most versatile and well-equipped out there for online advertising — but the most effective is Remarketing.

How remarketing works is that users who visit your website are added to an audience that you can then advertise to exclusively. You can even advertise to visitors of a particular page of your website should you want to promote something specific.

How strongly you make use of reaching potential customers at this Consideration middle section of your marketing approach powerfully influences your website actions and sales, and often makes or breaks businesses online sales performances without them knowing.

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