Does Your CTR (Click Though Rate) Really Matter?


The short answer, not really. 

Sure, if you’ve got a low CTR it potentially shows that your ads aren’t relevant or engaging. Also depending on your market, you may have thousands, or millions of monthly searches.
So a low CTR is to be expected.

But here’s the reason agencies like to focus on CTR. Simply put…
It’s easier than focusing on sales.

Understandably though, CTR shows that the audience cares, and that you have the right advert with the right targeting.  But doesn’t sales show that even more?

Lets clarify a little, yes your CTR does effect your quality score on Adwords and your relevancy score on Facebook (so we’ve been told) and this improves your performance.

This is exactly what Google says about CTR:
“A high CTR is a good indication that users find your ads helpful and relevant.”

But does it really matter if you have a 1% or 9% CTR?
No. Not if you’re driving sales.

You can get MORE sales + MORE leads
 and it can cost less, even with a low CTR.
 Perhaps something to think over next time a someone asks “How come my CTR is down?”


But here’s the thing….You should start looking at what parts of your campaign that are making you those sales, how can you make it better.

Which targeting is working?
Which keywords have you chosen?
What is your USP or the reason people are buying?

Here’s Neil Patel’s great blog post on How To Create a Perfect Call-To-Action. 

Which part of the above is making your sales happen.
 Test bits,
then focus down on whats working
That way you’ll improve your CTR, lower your cost and improve your sales.

Then you can watch it rocket!